Julien Chiquet

Senior Research in Statistical Learning, Université Paris-Saclay/AgroParisTech/INRAE


UMR MIA Paris-Saclay

Campus Agro Paris-Saclay

22 place de l'agronomie

91120 Palaiseau



Habilitation (12/2015)

Academic CV (03/2024)

research interests

  • statistics and machine learning :desktop_computer:
    • sparse methods and regularization
    • multivariate analysis
    • latent variable models
    • optimization and algorithms
  • applications to life sciences :seedling: :bee:
    • ecology, environment
    • metagenomics, metabolomics, genomics
  • reproducible research :gear:


Jun 1, 2023 I gave two talks last week on probabilistic dimension reduction, one at the Séminaire nantais inter-établissements en Science des Données and another during the first animation of the working group LEGO on machine-learning for genomics, which are two very nice research intitiaves! Check the github repos of my slides and code.
Nov 13, 2022 I am glad to give two talks this week, one at the Séminaire Parisien de Statistique and another at ML4 Life Science in Montpellier, both based on this material about recent advances in the Poisson lognormal model
May 16, 2022 The laboratory moved to Palaiseau with all of AgroParisTech to a brand new campus: a few shocks and adjustments on arrival, but all united!
Feb 24, 2022 I have presented Computo at the 2nd Toronto Workshop on reproducibility ! 🤩
Jan 26, 2022 I give an introductory course on Graph Clustering with an accompanying tutorial at Villers-le-lac :sparkles:

selected publications

  1. Neurips
    A Probabilistic Graph Coupling View of Dimension Reduction
    Hugues Van Assel, Thibault Espinasse, Julien Chiquet, and Franck Picard
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2022
  2. J. Stat. Softw.
    missSBM: An R Package for Handling Missing Values in the Stochastic Block Model
    Pierre BarbillonJulien Chiquet, and Timothée Tabouy
    Journal of Statistical Software, 2022
  3. Front Ecol Evol
    The Poisson-Lognormal Model as a Versatile Framework for the Joint Analysis of Species Abundances
    Julien ChiquetMahendra Mariadassou, and Stéphane Robin
    Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2021